Bloomsday Film Festival

On the 20th December 1909, James Joyce set up Ireland’s first Cinema, the ‘Volta Electric Theatre’ on Mary Street in the heart of Dublin city. Over one hundred years later, though the Volta has long since closed its doors, Joyce’s stylistic and highly visual writing is still influencing Irish & World Cinema. Join us this Bloomsday Festival (June 11-16, 2021) for the second year of the Bloomsday Film Festival, the world’s only Joycean Film Festival hosted by the James Joyce Cultural Centre, Dublin.

Last year, the festival was one of the first in Ireland to adapt to the online format and reached a large and unique audience of film & literature lovers that brought a distinctive and exciting feeling of the Bloomsday community to people’s homes all over the world. In 2021, they hope to continue with this success and bring a whole new selection of Joycean Films to you. Due to COVID Restrictions, the festival will still be online only and all the selected work will be available online for free for the duration of the Bloomsday Festival (11th – 16th June).

They hope and look forward to welcoming live audiences to the festival in the future and for the Bloomsday Film Festival to become an important map-point on the day’s adventure.

“We’re very excited to be bringing a whole new selection of Joycean Short Films this to this second year of the Bloomsday Film Festival. There’s a great range of work on show, and all in the spirit of Joyce and Ulysses, to bring a bit of Bloomsday to your homes once more” (Tommy Creagh)

Find the films at:


Pepette (2021) Ireland, Drama, 23 min, Dir. Luke Brabazon

Masks (2021) Ireland, Drama, 18 min, Dir. Conor Tobin

Stephen Dedalus (2020) Ireland, Drama, 21 min, Dir. John-James McDonagh

Return to the Goddess (2020) Ireland, Experimental, 14 min, Dir. Lucy Brennan Shiel

Reading Joyce (2020) Ireland, Experimental, 12 min, Dir. John McGarrigle

Sirens (2020) Australia, Musical, 7 min, Dir. Jennifer Sarah Dean

Bloomsday Way (2019) Canada, Documentary, 6 min, Dir. Godfrey Jordan

The Necessary Fiction (2019) Canada, Documentary, 8 min, Dir. Godfrey Jordan

The Lass of Aughrim (2019) Canada, Documentary, 6 min, Dir. Godfrey Jordan

Essentially James Joyce (2019) Canada, Music Video, 4 min, Dir. Godfrey Jordan

Ara… Speakers (2019) Ireland, Drama, 12 min, Dir. Gerard Faherty

The Fruitful (2018) Ireland, Drama, 7 min, Dir. John Collins

Flaneur (2017) Ireland Drama, 7 min, Dir. Alexandra Vetter

Molly Bloom (2016) Italy, Drama, 20 min, Dir. Chiara Caselli

Left Bank Bookseller (2012) USA, Drama, 27 min, Dir. Lisa Reznik & Matthew Pourviseh

Elijah Walks (2004) Ireland, Silent, 20 min, Dir. Sean Hillen & Raymond Keane

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