Don’t miss the amazing show of the Band Stomptown Brass – Requiem for the Truth

The 10-piece urban street-funk brass band Stomptown Brass have performed the show Requiem for the Truth as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival for the last 3 nights. The show was a complete success and I really recommend you to try and see them tonight and their last show.

It was a great experience to be a part of this emotional roller coaster, so just follow me with these few words. The church was respected and nearly haunting with high vaulted ceilings and honest materials of marble and wood while the usual cold chill of these unheated sanctuaries set the tone. The death, the mourning, the funeral – an experience with ambience; dark, sombre, serious; the mourners (audience) seated in respectful silence while pallbearers entered with a coffin held high. Every step they took was heard. Kind words were spoken of the departed, forcing us to reflect on the world we have accepted, some dark truths, then some sparks of celebration and excitement as a fire of great vocals and brass lit up the crowd, the mourners danced, clapped and celebrated. Then it returned to mourning our loss, we sat, and we listened to a Eulogy.

It ended well as pallbearers again brought the coffin out in an exciting celebration of music and energy. The coffin, band and crowd of 200 people left the church and walked the streets of Dublin, through alleys with great acoustics. A real festival of the dead. I hope I chose the right words to describe a show that really felt ineffable.

Did I get you curious? Then check out this video of the band Stomptown Brass and run and book your tickets!

Sunday (24.09) – 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Tickets: €18 Book here

Venue: St. Werburgh’s Church


Review by Rory Kennedy / Picture provided by Stomptown Brass

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