The Flow Project – Spread the Love

Outside of The Bernard Shaw last week stood an art installation from #TheFlowProject series that offered the members of the public a chance to give gratitude by writing a note of positivity on a big, bright, pink chalkboard. Empowered by H&G Creations & COLLECTIVE Dublin, this eye-catching chalkboard highlighted the importance of giving gratitude on the simple things in life.

“We just felt that Dublin needed an injection of colour and positivity after the long, dull winter. At its heart, this project is simply an immersive piece of art that anyone can interact positively with, no matter their age, gender, sexuality or class.” – Deirdre from H&G.

“Living in a privileged society where basic needs of life are met, we can take things for granted” explains Paul from COLLECTIVE. “The bed you sleep in, the clean water you drink, these are all things we can forget to appreciate. We can be blind to the goodness. We have it so good! Let’s wake up, and start to appreciate that.”

This pop-up installation is one of the many projects from #TheFlowProject, showcasing how performing simple acts of gratitude every day is an easy method for one to see how beautiful their life is.

What is #TheFlowProject Series?

#TheFlowProject series is a not-for-profit project set-up by the creatives at H&G and COLLECTIVE Dublin. With the objective of adding awareness around mental health and self-care, #TheFlowProject series creates pop-up events alike The Gratitude Wall, The Affirmation Booth and the up & coming FLOW event, to fill our fair city with awareness of our complex beings and how we can keep in tune with ourselves in a positive way.

When is the next pop-up?

#TheFlowProject series is organising a day of workshops surrounding connection, sharing and self-development titled ‘FLOW’.

Through the topics of gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance, meditation, self-care,  CBT, dance, expression & exercise, The Flow Project will offer a safe space for attendees to be guided through talks and practices whilst also given the tools to integrate these teachings into their everyday life. To feed the mind and body, Fumbally Cafe will also be providing food, home-brewed fermented drinks, tea and coffee at the class intervals.

Event will include;
Talks / Open Discussions / Practical Exercises / Immersive Art Instillation / Take Home FLOW journal / Lunch + Snacks + Refreshments provided by The Fumbally Stables.

Find all the details here,

Take part in this beautiful event and spread the love!

Sunday (09.06) 

Tickets: €60 Book here

Location: The Fumbally Stables


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