On the 22nd of August, H&G Creations set to construct a stunning floral art-installation that will float at Percy’s Place on the canal in aid of the honey bee.

H&G Creations Ltd. was originally set-up to give back to their community through nights filled with immersive art. Each and every event H&G host has the purpose of adding colour to Dublin city. “This summer, we wanted to focus our attention on a different life-form that plays an integral part to our food source,” says Sinead Bailey Kelly.

Focusing specifically on Irish wild-flowers, H&G Creations Ltd. will be using their floristry skills to create an art installation solely out of our buzzy-friend’s favourite pollen to speak the words copy cannot. “Its all about raising awareness and keeping the conversation going. We want to show everyone how easy it is to do their part in helping the honey bee, through a floating art installation. Our gift to the community and to the honey bee” explains Deirdre Young.

H&G Creations Ltd. will also be throwing free-bee gift packages ashore to passers-by;
comprised of Irish wild-flower seeds within a burlap sack of soil, this ready-made flower bomb hopes to encourage the people of Dublin to get involved and bee-kind to the creatures that enable our existence.

Don’t miss out!

Thursday (22.08) – 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Percy’s Place


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