Nathan Mac’s Show – The Boy Who Learned To Fly

‘The Boy Who Learned To Fly’ combines a love of music and circus. Nathan Mac will showcase his performance this Saturday (28.10) with musicians and acrobats in a concert of songwriting and storytelling. With themes of family, love, and womb envy. The room will be filled with moments of beautiful sadness and genuine joy. These moments are memories in waiting.

Nathan Mac has a history of 13 years performing with different circus troupes around Ireland. With basic training in theatre and several theatrical and musical performances, he has seen many theatres. Musically he has been writing, recording and performing for over 3 years, constantly building up larger and larger audiences. This show is his chance to bring music and circus to a common space. Elevating both.

Check out out Nathan’s performance of Glowing Boat and our chat with him here:

Follow Nathan on  Instragram

Listen to Nathan’s tunes on Spotify

Saturday (28.10): 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Tickets: €15 Book here

Smock Alley Theatre – 1662, 7 Exchange Street Lower, Dublin 8

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