Interviewing First Day Lions

This is First Day Lions playing their exciting new single “Mary Lou” for us! We also had a chat with the talented duo about their debut album coming out.

First Day Lions are an Indie-Rock band created by childhood best friends Adam Cunningham and Adrian Rabbitte. With inspirations taken from The Beatles, Pink Floyd & Queen, First Day Lions capture their stories and tell them in fresh yet nostalgic ways, blowing new wind to the indie scene.

Adam and Adrian bring with them a life of performing and musicianship delivering a unique yet unforgettable sound. Now they’ve formed a five piece band that’ll knock your socks off, flaunting some of the finest talent the country has to offer! Fresh off supporting Aslan and Paddy Casey, travelling with their music to fans across Europe, and receiving indie awards for performance and writing, First Day Lions have come to the attention of many. Swinging from the support of their fans they continue to define their style in the indie-rock scene.

Find First Day Lions on Spotify , Facebook and Instagram!

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