First Day Lions new single “GO” + a Chat about their past year and plans for 2021

I’m happy to let you know that First Day Lions have just released their new single “GO”. The indie-rock duo chatted with us about their successes and challenges in 2020 and what led them to where they are now.

In April 2020, First Day Lions released ‘She Might Even Smile’, which garnered great feedback from fans and listeners alike, having gotten coverage from Hot Press and made it onto the RTÉ Radio 1 ‘Recommends’ list. Over the next few months the duo released original songs like ‘Summer Child’ and ‘In The Middle’, and a cover of ‘Steal My Sunshine’ with accompanying music videos.

“We enjoyed it, but it didn’t take long to realise after all this that we were getting a little burnt out. It’s a shame to say but with everything going on we were starting to realise that our momentum was slowing down.” Adrian Rabbitte

That’s when they decided to take a break from the music and start playing video games and posting them on their YouTube. Yes, indeed! Adam had a number of careers in content creation for a few gaming companies in the past and was starting to take on independent work again since the live music scene had vanished.

“What started as just a way to keep First Day Lions in mind and in the notifications on YouTube turned into the beginning of something weird and wonderful. Comments started coming in, subscribers followed suit. Our songs that were uploaded before started seeing a rise in play counts. Jump forward again to before the end of 2020 and our amazing community (who we call the Pride) has grown exponentially and continues to!” Adrian Rabbitte

Presently, after some hard work, First Day Lions recently released their new single ‘GO’, as their return to the music scene. “This song itself has a big ol story behind it that we’ll shorten for now for fear of this becoming an auto-biography. It was 2 years in the making, involved 2 separate studio recording sessions, and countless hours of mixing to get right. Total props to Adrian, you wouldn’t even think we had such production trouble with it. It sounds as intended and honestly is the best version of the song we could deliver”. Adam Cunningham

First Day Lions have so much more on the horizon! They are going to be doing more covers of requests, classics and new hits. They’ll release singles from their premiere album ‘TIME’ as well.

They have also recently started a Patreon now which means fans can pay €2 to become a Patron of the Pride and gain Patreon only access to behind-the-scenes content and have their name at the end of all of their videos on YouTube.

Listen to the First Day Lions single “GO” and follow them on Instagram, Facebook , YouTube and Spotify.

Also check out the acoustic session we did with them a while ago here!

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