Nathan Mac’s New Single “Domestic Wars” – Interview

Nathan Mac has just release a beautiful single that he recorded with his sister. They both told us a bit about the process of recording it and Nathan revealed how these past few months have been for him and what inspired him to compose the song.

Nathan – It all started with Phil Collins… or so I thought. I was in between homes back then and things were not going well in my brain. I was sharing a single bed with my friend, so ‘Domestic Wars’ makes more sense to me looking back for sure. I had written the chorus first and was convinced that I’d stolen the melody from Phil Collins, so I scrawled through his discography, happily I’ll add, and looked for the melody. When I couldn’t find it, I knew I had a song!

Emily – Nathan called me one day and told me that he had a song for me. He’d written for me before, but when he told me why he needed my voice I got curious. He said that he wasn’t ‘cool’ enough to pull off the song. That he needed my ‘attitude’ to sing it.

Nathan – It’s true though. There are versions of me singing it and I’m definitely not cool enough… at least I wasn’t back then. I’m extremely cool now though!

Emily – There’s something magical about this song though. Performing it is always so energetic, and the crowd goes crazy for it. I think people just love to see the two of us singing together. There’s a fun energy around it.

Nathan – When writing the song I wanted to capture that moment after an argument. When you’ve given all you have to the fight, the place is wrecked and then you’re alone, standing in the mess. It’s such an intense feeling!

Emily – I’m excited to see how far the song goes. I’ve never had a single out before! I can’t wait to show people, and see the reaction to it. It’s going to be great!

The recording process

Nathan – Recording the song was strange. It’s the first time Emily had put down vocals on a record. Both Brian (the producer) and I were amazed that she nailed it in one shot. She just has this crazy talent for singing. I comb over the lyrics picking apart syllables and the shape of certain words, but she just sings. It was inspiring to watch!
The song itself suited Brian right down to the ground. He really let loose on the arrangement and created so many beautiful parts all layered together. From just this song, we could (and we will) extract an entire film score.

The past few months

Nathan – Honestly these past few months have been really difficult, after a pretty bad break up in between lockdowns. It’s an insane, emotional rollercoaster lately and I’m just holding on to the handrails, keeping my head down as much as I can… but the show must go on. I’ve needed to keep on promoting ‘Domestic Wars’, recording the next song, working on photoshoots/album art, and writing a short script for a circus film I’m making. So needless to say… I’ve been keeping myself busy!

Listen to “Domestic Wars” now on Spotify!

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