Sarah Daniels’ ‘Masterpieces’ is a play about consent, and our attitudes to porn.

“She wanted it rough”. “She was wearing a thong”. “She didn’t fight back”. “She shouldn’t have been drinking so much”. “I paid her for it”. All of these have been presented as legitimate defences for alleged rape, and sometimes murder.

Angry? Confused? So is Rowena. She wants to understand consent. She wants to understand pornography and kink and sex work.

She wants to understand how women’s bodies, her body, became the property of the media and a broken legal system. The trouble is, nobody else wants to talk about it. As a frustrated Rowena looks for answers herself, she learns that there are some things you can’t unsee. Some things you can’t unlearn. Some actions you can’t take back.

Written in the wake of the 1979 film Snuff, Masterpieces travels to the darkest places of human desires to confront our attitudes to autonomy and consent.

In this fresh take on Sarah Daniels’ classic, Blacklight leverages interviews with prominent players in the fields of sex positivity and kink, real content from recent assault trials, as well as starkly honest interviews with our cast and members of the public to explore how we consume porn, and how we approach consent.

How do we navigate sexual freedoms in a way that protects women, without censoring them?

“Slightly controversial, even provocative, and definitely bold…” Yana Writes About Theatre

“…deeply engaging…breathtakingly and heartbreakingly powerful.” Chris O’Rourke, The Arts Review

Cliodhna McAllister (Artistic Director, Blacklight Productions)

Monday (02.03) to Saturday (07.03) – 7:30 pm – with matinee performances on 6th and 7th at 2:00 pm

Tickets: €15 / €17 Book here

 Smock Alley Theatre – 7 Exchange Street Lower, Temple Bar

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