The Storm and Histrionix (Scene & Heard Festival)

A comedy to blow your socks off! The Storm and Histrionix shows will be on at Smock Alley theatre on 27th and 28th of February to provide you some good laugh.

The Storm is a farce set in the 1980’s in a small village in the West of Ireland. ‘They say it’ll be the worst storm since An Gaoithe Moire in 1839!’

As a violent storm approaches, two men, a woman and a horse take shelter in the local church but all is not well and it’s the storm inside which threatens to do the most damage. Directed by Mark Anthony O’Reilly.

Written by Claire Millane. Performed by Aidan O’ Sullivan, Brendan Farrell and Claire Millane. Produced by Cathal Feeney. Costumes by Silvana Benedetto .

Histrionix is a show designed to tell you a story from history while totally confusing you as to what actually happened. It’s a mixture of improvisation and historical lecture. A historian tells a lesser-known, true story from history but is interrupted with re-enactments by a team of improvisers who have never heard the story before and don’t know what they’re talking about. The truth is quickly led astray as mistakes are made and amplified, leading to hilarious and surreal scenes and characters. As the improvisers struggle to find the truth of what actually happened the end result is a fun, free-wheeling comedy show which leaves the audience both more and less informed.

Improvisers: Luke Benson, Mark Cantan, Richie Earley, Aoife Moore, Kelly Shatter

Book your tickets now!

Thursday (27.02) to Friday (28.02) – 9:15 pm

Tickets: €10 / €13 (on the door) Book here

Smock Alley Theatre 6-7 Exchange Street Lower Temple Bar

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